Ecosystem Services from High Nature Value Farmland - Green Industry in Romania

Environmental friendly and profitable farmer’s production in five local communities in the Transylvanian region by combining traditional land management and ecosystem services.

Funded by: a grant from Norway through the Norway Grants 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania

Project Duration: 2012 - 2014 (2 years)

Budget: 240.850 Euro

Project Objectives

  • The project’s main objective is to encourage environmental friendly and profitable farmer’s production in five local communities in the Transylvanian region by combining traditional land management and ecosystem services.
  • Introduce innovative solutions in land management and in marketing, to make balanced agricultural activities more practical and sustainable, and more profitable.
  • Increase CO2 capture through a sustainable grassland management.
  • Implement innovative and sustainable sheepfolds through waste management and renewable energy.
  • Maintenance of traditional fruit trees for income and as part of sustainable land management.
  • Develop methodologies for more effective sustainable land management planning at farm level, so that farmers can match management practices to payment agency inspections.
  • Develop innovative solutions at micro-scale, and use these for demonstration and training to spread the replication of the solutions, by adoption by farmers.

Project Updates

Purchase of innovative equipment and demonstration of techniques for grassland management. 3 Brielmaier mowers were purchased and donated to local famers’ associations to restore hundreds of hectares of important grasslands. The mowers reduce the labour of cutting high-biodiversity grasslands, especially slopes inaccessible to tractors. They are light-weight and have a reciprocal cutting action that minimises damage to soil and flora. They also have very low fuel use, and can easily be transported from place to place on a trailer. We have trained the local people to use these machines, so that they can continue to be used by local farmers in the long term.

Establishment of innovative demonstration sheepfolds: 3 model sheepfolds were equipped - 6 PV panels installed; 1.3 MWh/year - estimated energy generated in production; 3 solar heating panels installed; 40 farmers visited the sheepfolds for demonstrations;

Mapping of the land used by shepherds, GIS work and methodology were completed.

Training courses for the farmers on maintenance of traditional fruit trees for income as part of sustainable land management. We collected from the trees around 600 kg of apples and used them to produce apple juice and jams that were sold on local markets. The value market for the products is around 1200 euro. We used the juice and jam for tasting in order to demonstrate that there is an added value for this fruits. We indent to encourage people to take care of the trees and we promise that we will buy all the fruits they will collect from these trees.

Packaging equipment was purchase and marketing demonstration have been held.

Refrigerated room was purchased  and held demonstrations on how to use the refrigeration in order to diversify the products you offer, but, in the same time, to extend the production time for jams and juices beyond the collection period.

Managing Body & Contact

Cristi Gherghiceanu

Executive President
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Ben Mehedin

Food & Farming Communities Manager
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Tel: 004 (0) 752 264 580

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